The GEN 4 HEMI- 2009-Current

GEN 4  5.7  6.2  6.4

The GEN 4 HEMI a.k.a. the Eagle Series HEMI… debuted in the 2009 Model Cars and Trucks. The new GEN 4 5.7 HEMI sported the larger D port heads which increased compression on all 5.7s, as well as Variable Cam Timing [VCT] and Variable Valve Timing. These changes pushed the TK Series engines to the 390hp/407tq mark with the help of a variable runner length system in the intake. The LX series HEMIs came in at a respectable 370hp/395tq. The TK series intake sported an intake with the throttle body at the front of the intake but… pointed up- which can be a problem when swapping this engine. In 2013 most GEN 4 HEMIs went to electric steering, so if you end up going with a GEN 4, you are going to have to address the need for a power steering pump.


These are all variants of the GEN 4 HEMI line. They can all be swapped into the TJ/LJ chassis as they are the same physical size as the 5.7.  With power ratings starting at 525hp up to over 840hp, we don’t recommend swapping these power plants into the TJ/LJ chassis as with the short, narrow and minimally braced, ladder style frame design of the TJ/LJ Chassis- offers little resistance to the HP and TQ produced by these power plants. They will twist the hell out of the chassis and subject the driver to loss of control and or eventual structural failure of the chassis/tub. If you want to run power plants like these, we recommend starting with a JKU Chassis.

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