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GEN 3 HEMI 2003-2008

The GEN 3 HEMI was used in multiple vehicles from Chrysler and Jeep from 2003-2008. The GEN 3 HEMI delivers 345hp and 375lb-ft of torque in stock form, in either the LX or TK versions.

The GEN 3 LX series engine was found in most car and small SUV applications and usually had a front sump oil pan and a wide accessory drive with the alternator mounted in the middle on the pass side of the engine. This can cause some extra work when installing in the TJ/LJ chassis. The throttle body is located in the center of the manifold, pointing forward.

The GEN 3 TK series engine was found in the Ram Truck Line as well as the Dodge Durango and Aspen. This engine came with a rear sump oil pan, high mounted AC compressor and alternator.

The 2003-2005 GEN 3 TK engines are identifiable by their crossover spark plug wiring. Aluminum valve covers and early HEMIs had a bellcrank accelerator pedal set up.  They have the standard HEMI air box on the top of the engine and the throttle body is on the passenger side of the air box.  2003-2005 are less desirable as they had inherent issues with lower bearings and broken rocker shafts. When looking for an GEN 3 Hemi, we usually skip over the 03-05 options. 03-05 HEMIs and their respective harnesses are PCI communication based.

The 2006-2008 GEN 3 TK engines are identifiable by their lack of spark plug wiring, coil on plug set up and MDS Solenoid harness off the back of the engine coming from under the intake. The coil packs are mounted to the Poly Valve covers. The 06-08 TK engines sport the same HEMI Air Box with the pass side throttle body. The 06-08 HEMIs underwent some supplier changes and corrected the problems inherent their predecessor.  The change over also moved the 06-08 HEMIs to a CANBus Communication platform.  To utilize these engines only a few small changes have to be made- like swapping out the oil pressure sensor. Most of the changes are re-working the donor CANbus HEMI Engine harness to a PCI based harness.

In 2005 Chrysler/Jeep introduced the 6.1 HEMI. It sported forged internals, D port heads and a higher compression ratio. The 6.1 was found in the SRT models. The 6.1 is the next step in the evolution to the GEN 4 HEMI. The 6.1 produced 425hp and 420lb-ft of torque in stock form. The 6.1 came with an identifiable aluminum intake and there was no MDS system on it either.


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